At Hanson Fuel, our goal is to provide every customer with unmatched service. We can provide you with ALL of your heating needs. Contact us today.

Oil Tank Removals & Installations

Oil tanks should only be removed by a company that is trained and certified to do the job. Hanson Fuel has many years of experience removing old tanks in an environmentally responsible manner.

New Heating System Installations

Hanson Fuel can install a new furnace in your home or business in as little as one day. Our expert heating technicians are fully trained and certified installers.

If your furnace is at least 20 years old, you are missing out on the latest energy-saving furnace technology. For a complementary heating system evaluation and estimate, contact us today.

Boilermate Installations

Don’t wait until your water heater fails. Call Hanson Fuel now for professional water heater replacement.

The average water heater lasts for 7 to 10 years. Water heater failure can cause hundreds of dollars (or more) in property damage—so don’t wait—contact us today for prompt, professional installation of your water heater.

Gas Piping & Service

Hanson Fuel technicians are available to gas pipe or service propane and natural gas heating systems, hot water heaters, ranges, fireplaces, heat stoves, generators and pool heaters.

Spring Cleaning

Your oil heating system should be cleaned and tuned every year. Hanson Fuel offers a special rate to our customers when scheduled from May-August. Our technician will completely clean your furnace or boiler, tune-up the burner, replace the nozzle, oil filter, and pump strainer/gasket, then complete an efficiency test.

Pool Heater Startups

Before starting up your pool heater each year, we recommend having it cleaned to ensure there are no obstructions or damage. Our technician will also check that all the parts are still in working condition.


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